Mammoth Cubes - 2 Inch Ice Cubes Tray
Big & Clear Square Ice Cube - Ideal For Festive Drinks

  • Mammoth Cubes Last 10 Times Longer!

    The giant 2 inch Mammoth Cubes last up to 10 times longer than a regular ice cube in your drink!

  • Not Just Cool, But Super Cool!

    Your drinks will be cooled faster, for longer and with far less dilution than regular sized cubes. Giant ice cubes are super cool!

  • Size Really Does Matter!

    Mammoth Cubes are so big you can get really creative with them. Try out some of the fun recipe ideas on this page, such as putting edible flowers inside to add some color to your drinks.

  • Zero Risk Lifetime Guarantee!

    We’re so confident you’ll love your Mammoth Cubes tray that you get a lifetime guarantee with every purchase! Not happy? Simply return it for a refund no questions asked… but we know you won’t want to! 😉