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New colours now available!

We’re very proud to announce the launch of 2 new colours – blue and slate grey – to add to our popular green Mammoth Cubes. Our first delivery of stock has just arrived 🙂

HOT Ice Cubes! Perfect For Winter

Ok, so these ice cubes aren't strictly hot 😉 ...but with winter knocking at our door, this is the perfect use for your Mammoth Cube Tray!

Make a big batch of soup and freeze giant cubes of your soup for quick and easy meals later on - Simple! 🙂

We find that 2 cubes is usually enough for a small soup, and 3 cubes is perfect for a bigger portion.

Here's a fantastic Tomato soup recipe that we absolutely love which was handed down to us by our mother...



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Halloween Giant Bloodshot Eyeball Ice Cubes

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we'd do a simple and fun Halloween themed ice cube recipe!

With a little bit of effort you can easily create awesome looking giant ice cubes with bloodshot eyeballs floating in them!! They are the perfect way to add a bit of Halloween ghastliness to your Halloween themed party drinks 🙂

These don't require much - maybe a little patience and a steady hand - and the results look fantastic.


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Giant Funky Chocolate Cubes

These giant chocolate cubes look fantastic and make anyone look like a pro chocolatier! 😉

These cubes can be used as decoration, unique treats or even placed in hot milk to create funky looking hot chocolate drinks!

As a warning though, making them is super messy and quite a bit trickier than it looks!

What you need:

1 x Mammoth Cubes Tray
Cooking chocolate (a few large bars of a both white chocolate a milk chocolate - mixing white and milk chocolate looks the best)
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