Edible Flowers in Giant Clear Ice Cubes

Edible flowers are a great way to give your cubes some real pop! The colours and delicate shapes suspended in ice just look amazing.

You can find all kinds of edible flowers online and often in some super markets.

Tip: When placing your edible flowers in a trough filled with water, you may find they float. If this happens try to wedge the flower against the side walls to keep it submerged. You can do this either by itself if it’s big enough or with multiple flowers in one trough if they are small. Be sure to also check on your cubes during the early stages of freezing as some may become dislodged and float up therefore requiring ‘re-submerging’.

A key element of making this work is mastering the clear ice technique we detail here.

Serving suggestion: These cubes look fantastic when you have a few of them in a large pitcher.

Do send us photos of your cubes if you try this – we love seeing the results 🙂

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